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About Jesper

"I have known Jesper Wardtlik since 2010. Mr. Wardtlik had been misdiagnosed as a tenor, singing in that fach already for 10 years by the time I met him.

After having sung an audition for the legendary soprano Grace Bumbry, who promptly called me, Jesper and I began working together.

Bumbry felt he was a Baritone and suggested I give Jesper a proper listen. She was right. She was convinced that a male teacher could help him to make the transition from tenor to baritone faster.

One year later, transition complete, he was able to join Bumbry's Vocal Arts Academy in Berlin...

I require the best from my pupils. Jesper's work ethic is above reproach and he has proven that he is dedicated to becoming the best musician and singer he can be.

A very worthy and promising talent, Jesper has a bright future."

David Lee Brewer, teacher of singing.

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